The Tides Rum

Rum was initially produced on Caribbean sugar cane plantations in the 17th century. Today rum comes in a wide variety of flavors and blends. We take pride in ours because we are extremely picky and selective in the ingredients we use, all native to the Caribbean, that defines our distinctive flavor and characteristics.

The Caribbean's Finest

As it was in the 17th century so it is today, most rum is produced using an unsulfured molasses derived from the sugar cane plant. We prefer a light molasses sourced from the finest sugar cane from the US Virgin Islands. With the perfect warm weather and rainfall, along with fertile, mineral-rich soils, the Virgin Islands remains an ideal location for growing sugar cane. We love the refined flavor and characteristics light molasses brings to our rum base.

Our Special Blend

To complement our pure sugar cane light molasses, we use a blended rum from the French West Indies which includes the islands of Martinique, Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, and Guyana. The judicious portion of the blend creates layers of tropical fruit-like flavors with a rich front to back palette finish. The golden hue is achieved from a Jamaican barrel-aged rum that imbues a slightly smokey characteristic, proofed to 80% alc/vol. Are you seeking the next, best Rum? Meet, The Tides.