The Tides Vodka

Unlike most vodkas that are typically made from one grain, ours is an original American blend of a 4x distilled Corn Mash and a 3x distilled Midwestern Wheat. The result is a remarkably smooth, rich flavor and a refined front to back finish. Proofed to 40%/abv/80pf. Are you seeking the next, best vodka? Meet, The Tides.

America’s Finest Ingredients

We source the finest American corn mash and wheat to create our custom blend Vodka. We are committed to producing the most remarkable spirits; there is nothing standard or ordinary about them. We use the Carl distillation method; we believe it is simply the best for small batch production and yields a righteous product. We know our vision is bold – to create incomparable hand-crafted spirits with soul, made with the finest botanicals and ingredients, resulting in ingenious flavors that stand out from the crowd. We hope you enjoy ours!